Medical images contain such valuable information about your health, it’s vital to ensure they remain safe and protected:

Copies of records:

Keeping a collection of photos of your body’s internal organs may not be as fun as keeping old school pictures or wedding photos, but it can be a lot more critical to your health.

Just like a picture of the outside of your body, medical images are a reflection of your internal organs, bones and other components as they appeared at a specific moment in time. And, just like the outside of your body, a medical image captured years later may look far different.

Healthcare providers use multiple sets of images taken at different time periods to look for changes in the body which may signify the presence or development of a disease or other condition. They can also use this progression of images to prescribe or alter a course of treatment. When an early image is lost, that information can never be recaptured, and healthcare providers are unable to use that information in making diagnoses and treatment plans.

Many patients never bother to obtain copies of their medical images, believing them safe and sound at their doctor’s office, hospital or lab; yet these buildings are just as prone to fire, flooding and other damage that can be ruinous to delicate film images or computer discs. Doctors’ offices, labs and even hospital storage facilities can be moved, and records may be lost.

Because your medical images contain such valuable information about your health, it’s vital to ensure they remain safe and protected, and one of the best ways to protect your medical images and the information they contain is to make multiple copies that you can keep. Superior Duplicating can make copies of your medical images – both digital copies and film copies – to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you have immediate access to vital health information right at your fingertips.

Superior Duplicating uses state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with copies of their records, and they can also convert records form one format to another. That means that if you have unwieldy film copies of x-rays or other images, Superior can convert those images to easy-to-store discs; if your hospital or physician’s office has provided you with discs – as is often the case in today’s digital world – and you need film copies, Superior can provide you with the highest quality film images available.

When it comes down to it, no one cares more about your health than you do; it just makes sense to keep copies of your own medical records and to keep multiple copies to safeguard against loss. To learn how Superior can help you keep your vital medical records safe and sound, call (352)229-8502

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