A picture speaks a thousand words, and for many trials:

Trial litigation:

Lawyers, judges and former jury members agree: When it comes to presenting an effective case, a picture speaks a thousand words, and for many trials, clear and compelling medical images like x-rays, scans and other images are critical in presenting a winning case.

The American Bar Association says visual aids like medical x-rays and other medical films and images can play a “crucial role” in presenting a compelling story to a jury or judge. While expert testimony can be an important part of any case, seeing evidence has a much greater impact on a jury than simply hearing it.

Because medical images are such important tools, attorneys who plan to use them need to ensure the film images they use are the clearest, most detailed images possible. Superior Duplicating specializes in producing high-quality, clear print duplicates of all types of medical films, including x-rays, mammograms, dental films, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and other medical film records. Superior uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the duplicates produced are the best quality available.

In addition to providing high-quality print duplicates, Superior’s state-of-the-art equipment also can produce digital duplication of film records, and can even insert graphics and text to make presentations more compelling and descriptive. Digital duplicates are easy to project using standard courtroom equipment, which means even small images are easy to read, explain and evaluate. By projecting a large image onto a big screen, attorneys achieve much greater impact than by handing the jury a much smaller, less effective – and often much more difficult to read – hard copy.

Because of the high image quality Superior is able to achieve, the company has become especially popular among malpractice attorneys, personal injury attorneys, insurance companies and others seeking the most compelling evidence possible.

Unlike other duplicating companies, Superior Duplicating reviews each order before shipping the order to the client, hand-checking each image to ensure it’s of the highest quality possible. Our staff works tirelessly to remove blemishes and other errors that could compromise the integrity of the images. Superior Duplicating is also compliant with HIPAA and DICOM, which means clients can rest assured knowing their images are in good hands.

In addition to its commitment to providing the best images possible, Superior Duplicating is also dedicated to making sure its clients receive their finished products as quickly as possible. Most orders are shipped back within 48 hours, and both rush delivery and same-day delivery are available for some orders.

To learn more about Superior Duplicating, the services we offer and our commitment to customer service excellence,

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