Disc to Film

If you’ve had an X-ray, MRI or other diagnostic test done recently, you may have been surprised to receive a disc instead of a printout. To save time, money and space, many medical facilities are turning to digital medical records instead of issuing hard copies. What are you supposed to do if you need hard copies of your X-rays? The answer is simple: Order them from Superior Duplicating. We specialize in converting digital files to copies on high-grade medical film, so you don’t have to make do with digital files. Find out why so many doctors and hospitals have gone digital and how we can help below.

The Digital Revolution

There are definitely many benefits to using digital images instead of hard copies. It’s easy to see why so many hospitals and medical facilities have made the switch. That doesn’t help you, though, if you need a hard copy of your CT images or other medical images. The good news is that obtaining hard copies of these files is easy. Superior Duplicating will process your order quickly and ship it out to you right away.

A few of the reasons that so many medical professionals are turning to digital medical images include:

  • It’s Fast – Let’s face it: Hospitals and other medical facilities aren’t set up to process hard copies of X-rays and other medical images. That kind of work takes time. With digital copies, employees are freed up to focus on what matters. In the event that a patient needs hard copy X-ray printouts, Superior Duplicating is happy to be of service.
  • It’s Cheap – The cost of healthcare has gone through the roof. It’s not a big surprise that hospitals and doctors are looking for ways to cut costs. Processing X-rays and other images is expensive. It’s a lot cheaper to just use digital files instead. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to convert X-rays and other files. Superior Duplicating can do so for a very reasonable price. Our printing service is fast, affordable and reliable.
  • It Takes Up Less Space – Why should a hospital, clinic or other medical facility set aside space for processing medical images? Digital copies can be stored on computers, which frees up space for medical equipment and other things. Superior Duplicating is completely focused on producing hard copies of X-rays and other medical images. We have several film printers, so we can get the work done fast.

In addition to offering disc-to-film services for individuals, we offer it for attorneys, insurance companies and other professionals. While people across all industries have increasingly turned to digital records, there is still a pressing need for hard copies too. With hard copies, quality is of the utmost importance. Superior Duplicating strictly uses high-quality film, and we carefully label everything to ensure that you get precisely what you need.

If your doctor only gives you digital copies of your X-rays, MRIs and other medical images, you’re not out of luck. Just have them converted into hard copies by placing an order with Superior Duplicating now.